We Are Rotary

Rotary International is a worldwide organisation of men and women who volunteer their time and talents to serve their communities at home and overseas. Each club operates independently, but under the common banner of helping those in need and working towards world understanding and peace. Members can get involved in as much, or as little as their time will allow.

Club meetings are held on a weekly basis, which allows members to establish firm friendships within the club. Not only that but every Rotarian is able to attend any club meeting in the world – so there is always somewhere to go, and people to meet, wherever business or personal travel may take you.

Members of Rotary use their vocational skills to serve their local communities with a range of projects. With each member contributing their time and expertise, it is truly amazing what can be achieved to make a difference to someone, somewhere, somehow and we have a lot of fun doing it.

Rotary is engaged in eradicating Polio, promoting peace, feeding the hungry and supporting the local community.

Rotary is always on the lookout for new members who want to make a difference in their local communities. So have you thought about joining? There are many reasons to join including:

  • Networking – the members in our clubs represent a cross-section of our community’s business owners, executives, managers, and professionals – people who make decisions and influence policy.
  • Service – club members have many opportunities for humanitarian service, both locally and internationally. Service programs address concerns such as health care, hunger, poverty, illiteracy, and the environment. Rotarians regularly experience the fulfillment that comes from giving back to the community.
  • Friendship – Rotary was founded on friendship, a cornerstone that continues to attract members today. Club members who travel have friendly contacts in almost every city of the world.
  • Family – Rotary sponsors some of the world’s largest exchange and educational programs. Our clubs provide innovative training opportunities and mentoring for young leaders, and involve family members in a wide range of social and service activities.
  • Leadership – Team-building, fundraising, public speaking, planning, organisation, and communication are just some of the leadership skills that club members can exercise and enhance. Being a Rotary leader provides further experience in motivating, inspiring, and guiding others.

Be part of something amazing and… change the world we live in…