Roy Wood

Roy Wood was formerly UK Director of Military Survey, as a Major General, and then led a survey-related business. He has served as Chair of the British Schools Exploring Society, as a Council member of the Royal Geographical Society and on the management committee of the Mount Everest Foundation. He joined MapAction in a volunteer role in 2005, was later elected a trustee and was Chairman between 2011-2015.

Getting help to where it’s needed most – in the aftermath of a disaster thousands of people can suddenly find themselves battling to save lives and livelihoods. Before aid agencies can help them, the first requirement is information. Which areas have yet to be reached? Where are the relief resources? Where are the people in greatest need? MapAction delivers this vital information in mapped form, from data gathered at the disaster scene. Creating a ‘shared operational picture’ is crucial for making informed decisions and delivering aid to the right place, quickly. MapAction’s service is unique. It’s the only non-governmental organisation (NGO) with a capacity to deploy a fully trained and equipped humanitarian mapping and information management team anywhere in the world, often within just hours.

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